Registering programs with the Open With dialog

Published: Oct 15, 2005
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When you right-click a file and choose Open With, and click the Choose Program... option, the list of registered applications are displayed in the Open With dialog. Programs that are not already listed in the Open With dialog can be added manually using the Browse... option. OpenWithAdd utility can be helpful in circumstances where, when you browse to locate an application, it does not get added to the Open With dialog.

OpenWithAdd utility for Windows® XP and Windows® Vista

Download and run it. Locate the application that you want to add to the Open With dialog.

Type the command-line parameter (if the application requires one) in the appropriate text field. And optionally, you can give a personalized name for the application which you're trying to add to Open With. This text will appear in the Open With dialog, describing the application. Once done, click Register. Your application is now added to the list.

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