[SetScrTimeout.exe] Command-line tool to set the Screensaver timeout

Published: Jan 31, 2006
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SetScrTimeout.exe can be used to set the screensaver timeout quickly using command-line or a shortcut. Here is the usage information:


SetScrTimeout.exe <timeout value in seconds>


To set the screensaver timeout value to 60 seconds, use this command:

C:\Tools\SetScrTimeout.exe 60

If you want to toggle the screensaver timeout value (from a higher to a lower value or vice-versa), then create two shortcuts as per your requirement. For example, one with 60 second timeout, and the other with 3600 seconds ( 1 hour).

Note that using a REG file to change the ScreenSaveTimeOut value in the registry, will require a reboot for the change to take effect. Hence I've created this utility. This utility was written for Windows XP systems, but may work under Windows 2000 as well.