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How to remove "ATI Catalyst" entry from the right-click menu?

Published: Dec 03, 2005
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Context menu entry added by graphics card driver / software

When you right-click the desktop, you'll see a context menu option which allows you direct access to the Display settings. If you no longer plan to use this option, you can remove it using the steps outlined in this article.

Removing the ATI Catalyst context-menu entry

  • Open Regedit.exe and navigate to:

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ Directory \ Background \ shellex \ ContextMenuHandlers

  • One of the sub-keys is the entry added by ATI software. (Usually named ACE)
  • Select the ACE sub-key, and then backup the key by exporting it
  • Delete the ACE entry, and close Regedit.exe

The only handler present by default (in a clean XP installation) is the New handler. If you find any additional sub-keys there, it may have be added by third-party applications. Usually, the software that comes with your graphic card adds entries to the above location.

For Intel Graphics controller

To remove the context-menu entry for Intel Graphics, please visit the following link:

Intel® Graphics Controller - Removing the custom desktop right click context menu

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