Add Windows Defender Options as Cascading Right-Click Menu in Desktop

defender cascading menu

Last we saw how the Windows Defender GUI (msascui.exe) can be automated using hidden command-line switches, similar to it’s command-line version – mpcmdrun.exe. Here is a registry tweak that adds some Windows Defender options to the Desktop Context menu as cascading menu to quickly run a scan, update or open Windows Defender.Read more

Command-line Switches to Automate Windows Defender GUI (MSASCui.exe)

Most users know that Windows Defender scans can be automated by using the console tool MpCmdRun.exe with Task Scheduler. But, did you know you can run a scheduled scan interactively (in GUI mode), that is without using Windows Defender’s console utility? This post lists some command-line switches to do that. Update: MSASCui.exe has been removed … Read more

How to Update Microsoft Defender and Run a Quick Scan in One Go

windows defender command-line switches

The Windows Defender command-line utility MpCmdRun.exe is prominently used for scheduling scans and updating the signature or definition files. The MpCmdRun.exe command usage info can be obtained by running MpCmdRun.exe with “/?” or without any parameter.

However, it doesn’t mention a useful switch that updates Windows Defender signatures and runs a Quick Scan at once. And this switch is not documented anywhere so far.Read more