Screenshot a Portion of the Screen in Windows 10 [Winkey+Shift+S]

Starting with the Windows 10 Creators Update, OneNote’s popular screenshot feature has been made an Operating System feature — you can capture a specific region of your screen to the clipboard using the Win + Shift + S shortcut key.

Screenshot a Portion of the Screen

Press Winkey + Shift + S. The screen will be covered with a overlay and mouse cursor turns into a plus (+) symbol, which indicate that the capture mode is on.

screenshot specific portion of screen

Select a region on the screen. This copies the particular portion to the clipboard. Open Paint or any other image editor of your choice and paste (Ctrl + V) the image from clipboard.

screenshot specific portion of screen

Note that this feature replaces the one in OneNote 2016. Right now this feature is available starting with the Insider Preview build 14997, which is a leaked build. The current official Insider Preview Build is 15002 which was released to Fast Ring Insiders yesterday. You can learn what’s new in this build from the Windows Experience blog post: Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15002 for PC.

Winkey + Shift + S runs the Snipping Tool non-interactively

What Microsoft didn’t tell you is that, under the hood, Winkey + Shift + S runs the Snipping Tool (in non-interactive mode) using the new command-line switch. The following is what’s executed behind the scenes when you use the Winkey + Shift + S keystroke.

snippingtool.exe /clip

More information

To take a screenshot of the entire screen and save it to a PNG file in your Pictures\Screenshots folder, you normally use the WinKey + PrntScrn keys. Unfortunately, there is no way to auto-save a selected screen area to a file without using a third-party screen capture tool. Snipping Tool can be a very useful tool to capture a screen region, but it doesn’t automatically save the capture to a file.

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  1. I see now that I’ve LOST all of the screenshots that used to automatically be stored in OneNote. Is there a way to bring this feature back? I liked the fact that I could take screen shots and they would *automatically* be stored in OneNote. Is there a SIMPLE workaround? (The simplest solution is to return it to OneNote. The solution above is inconvenient.)

  2. Where are the Screen Shots stored? Since my upgrade, I can not find any of my screenshots (which used to be in OneNote).

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