How to Backup and Restore Device Drivers in Windows 11/10

drivers backup restore in windows 10

This article tells you how to export/backup and import/restore the device drivers in Windows 10 or 11. The task can be accomplished using the DISM command-line tool or PowerShell.

If you have OEM branded computer, you’re usually provided with a restore media or a recovery partition on the hard drive. And restoring the computer using the OEM’s recovery options would put back all the pre-installed software and drivers.Read more

Download Windows Updates (.msu) from Catalog Using PowerShell or Browser

download updates from microsoft update catalog

It’s no longer necessary to use Internet Explorer for downloading Windows Updates (.msu update packages for offline install or distribution) from the Microsoft Update catalog. The Microsoft Update catalog now supports any browser, as Microsoft has revamped the site and eliminated the ActiveX Control.

This article tells you how to download updates from the Microsoft Update catalog using your web browser or PowerShell.Read more

How to Find Windows Installation Date and Time

systeminfo - windows install date and time

You may sometimes think of reinstalling Windows, especially when its performance goes down after a few years due to several different factors. And, you may like to know the date and time of your current Windows installation.

This post shows you the different methods using which you can determine the original installation date and time of your Windows installation. The information applies to all versions of Windows, including Windows 10.

Note that in Windows 10, the following methods show the installation date of the most recent feature update you installed, and not the install date and time of your 1st Windows 10 build.

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Reinstall or Repair stuck Windows 10 Start Menu & Taskbar, and Fix “Critical Error”

reinstall start menu startmenuexperiencehost

Occasionally, the Start button, Taskbar, and the Notification area icons may get stuck or frozen; clicking them does nothing. When the items in the Notification area are frozen, you wouldn’t be able to access Action Center, Wi-fi network settings, etc.

If the Windows 10 Start Menu is frozen or non-responsive and does not work, or shows the Critical Error message, here is the list of troubleshooting steps you can follow. The fixes involve running the Start menu Troubleshooter or manually registering the ShellExperienceHost & StartMenuExperienceHost packages using PowerShell or restoring the default Start menu by rebuilding the Start menu database.

This article explains how to repair, reset, or reinstall the Start menu in Windows 10.Read more