Pin Website Shortcuts to the Windows 10 Start Screen

pin website to start

If you’ve been using desktop shortcuts to open your favorite websites, you can instead pin those websites to the Windows 10 Start menu to make your desktop clutter-free.

Moreover, pinning websites to the Start screen helps you get to those sites quickly especially when your Windows 10 device is in Tablet mode, where the Start screen occupies the full screen, covering your desktop. You can pin website shortcuts to the Windows 10 Start screen using four different ways.Read more

Enable “TCP Fast Open” for Microsoft Edge to Speed Up Browsing

enable tcp fast open in edge

Microsoft Edge supports TCP Fast Open, a specification to speed up the opening of successive TCP connections faster between clients and servers, reduces the round-trip delay and lower the latency in the start of data transmission. This option is disabled by default in Microsoft Edge, but you can enable it via the about:flags page, to speed up browsing.Read more