Search with Google via Right-click Menu in Edge [Extensions]

There is a new third-party extension for Microsoft Edge that allows you search for a text or phrase using Google search engine, via the right-click menu. This extension is not available from the Windows Store, which means you need to side-load it into Edge if you plan to use it.

With this extension, to lookup a word or phrase in the current web page on Google, select the text, right-click and click “Search with Google”. Use these steps to side-load the extension.

Sideload an extension into Microsoft Edge

Open Microsoft Edge and and type about:flags in the address bar.

Select the “Enable extension developer features” checkbox, and restart Edge.

edge sideload extension

Download the Google-Context-Menu-Edge extension from the project’s GitHub page, and extract the contents to a folder of your choice.

Select More (…) icon to open the menu. Click Extensions, and then click Load Extensions button.

edge search with google menu
edge sideload extension

Browse and select the folder where you’ve extracted the files.

edge sideload extension

This adds the extension and activates it.

edge search with google menu

Using the “Search with Google” extension

Visit a website, select some text or phrase and right-click on the selection.

edge search with google menu

You’ll see the “Search with Google” option in the context menu, which when clicked, opens Google search results in a new tab.

edge search with google menu

This extension can be very helpful especially if you’ve got used to searching Google via the right-click menu all these years, using various browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. You’re no longer limited to using the “Ask Cortana” context menu option (which opens Bing search results in the right pane) in Edge.

Src: 3DIndian on Reddit.

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