How to Delete All Your Microsoft Edge Favorites?

Microsoft Edge doesn’t provide an option to bulk delete favorites, but you can clear all your favorites by deleting the spartan.edb file in Edge’s store folder for your user profile. Here is how to do that.

Delete All Edge Favorites

Close Microsoft Edge, open File Explorer and paste the following folder path in Address bar and press ENTER:


Delete or rename the two folders namely "DataStore" and "Favorites".

One of the sub-folders in the DataStore folder contains the spartan.edb database file which has all your favorites. The "Favorites" folder contains individual .URL files for the Favorites bar, a cache location which Edge maintains.

Then, open the following folder:


Clear the contents of the folder.

Refresh the Cache

Now open Edge, don’t be surprised if your favorites still show up in the Favorites bar. That’s because the items in the Favorites bar are cached in the following registry key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\AppContainer\Storage\microsoft.microsoftedge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\MicrosoftEdge\FavOrder\FavBarCache

All you need to do is click the hub button (showing 3 horizontal lines) once, and then close Edge. Re-open Edge and you’ll see an empty Favorites bar.

Alternately you can use the free EdgeManage utility to clear all your Favorites.

Recover (Undelete) Favorites that you deleted earlier

When you delete a favorite in Edge, the item is not purged from the database. Rather the favorite entry is marked as deleted and hidden from Favorites bar and Favorites panel. You may be able to recover favorites that were deleted within the last 30 days using EdgeManage. After 30 days, Edge clears the deleted favorites permanently from the database.

In EdgeManage, click the View menu and enable Show Deleted Items

recover or undelete edge favorites

Right-click the previously deleted item (highlighted in yellow) you want to restore, and click Undelete.

Exit EdgeManage, and click Yes when prompted to save changes. This recovers your deleted favorite(s).

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6 thoughts on “How to Delete All Your Microsoft Edge Favorites?”

  1. This article needs a bit of update… after the “November Update”, Edge no longer uses the “Favorites” folder as shown. Favorites are now stored in a database that live deeper in the “DataStore” folder (so deleting/rename this folder is actually sufficient).

    However, you also need to remove the synchronization files (if you are using the “Sync your content” feature of Edge). If you forget these, the deleted database will quickly repopulate with the sync’ed favorites. So, delete the contents of this folder:

  2. @egray: The database part is mentioned in the 1st paragraph. And the Favorites folder does have a cached copy of Fav. bar items. So both DataStore and Favorites folders needs to be renamed or cleared. I’ll add a note about “RoamingState”. thanks.

    • @cindy: The method still works in Microsoft Edge (UWP). It doesn’t work on Edge Chromium as it’s a completely different browser.

    • I just figured this damn thing out. Go into Favorites->Manage favorites. Click in the non search panel and select Control+A to select all. A delete button appears above. I decided to search how to do it in Chrome since it’s now Chromium based. 🙂

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