“Keep personal files and apps” is Grayed Out During Setup

keep files and settings - grayed out - wrong iso

When you attempt to perform an in-place upgrade of Windows 10 or 11, the “Keep personal files and apps” option may be disabled. The following message appears at the bottom of the dialog:

Your files, apps, and settings can't be kept because you've chosen to install Windows 11 using a different language than you're currently using.

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Error “Access is Denied” when running “Bootrec /Fixboot”

bootrec /fixboot access denied

When you run the “bootrec /fixboot” command from Windows RE, the error “Access is denied” occurs: Bootrec /FixMbr — writes the master boot record of the system partition using the master boot record compatible with Windows. This operation does not overwrite the existing partition table. Bootrec /FixBoot — write a new boot sector onto the … Read more

[Fix] Windows Update (Wuauserv) Service Error 1058

wuauserv error 1058

When you attempt to start the Windows Update service via Services MMC or command-line, the following error may occur:

Windows could not start the Windows Update service on Local Computer.

Error 1058: The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it.

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How to Move EFI System Partition to Another Drive in Windows 10 or 11

EFI boot partition on another disk

The EFI partition is created automatically when you install Windows. However, after adding a second HDD/SSD and installing Windows on that disk, you may realize that the EFI system partition remains on the old hard disk. You wonder how to move the EFI partition from the old hard drive to the new one.Read more

How to Fix the EFI Boot Partition’s ID Using DiskPart

fix EFI partition id using diskpart's set id command.

Each partition type is strictly identified by a GUID number. For example, the data partitions (“Basic data partition”) are identified by the GUID ebd0a0a2-b9e5-4433-87c0-68b6b72699c7. The EFI partition has the GUID c12a7328-f81f-11d2-ba4b-00a0c93ec93b.

However, on some systems, the EFI partition may have an incorrect ID assigned for unknown reasons. As a result, the EFI partition may appear as a “basic data partition” when you open Disk Management.Read more