Get back Classic Sticky Notes After Installing Windows 10 Anniversary Update

With the Redstone update, Sticky Notes has been transformed into a modern (UWP) program with new features added. The original desktop version of Stick Notes is discontinued and the last desktop version of the StikyNot.exe is 10586.494.

stick notes modern vs classic desktop
The above is the minimum width you can set for the modern Sticky Notes, which can be very inconvenient for users.

To learn how Sticky Notes has transformed in the Windows 10 Redstone update, check out The Ink Canvas and Ruler: combining art and technology | Building Apps for Windows and New and improved Sticky Notes.

Sticky Notes Old vs New – Which one do you prefer?

Modern Sticky Notes

If you prefer the new Sticky Note UWP app and want to convert your legacy Sticky Notes data file (StickyNotes.snt), there is a neat trick to transfer/convert it to the new database file format. Check out the article Convert Old “Sticky Notes” Data to New format in Windows 10 for more information.

Classic Sticky Notes

If you’re not going to use the new features (Cortana integration, Ink) of the modern Sticky Notes app, you can get the classic desktop version (StickNot.exe) after upgrading to the Windows 10 anniversary update (v1607) build.

If the C:\Windows.old…Windows\System32 directory is still intact, simply copy “StikyNot.exe” to your Windows\System32 folder and create a shortcut to it on your desktop. Also, make sure you copy StikyNot.exe.mui file from “Windows\System32\en-US” folder (for English language version of Windows), and place it in the same path in the target computer. The program still works in Windows 10 version 1607.

Another option would be to obtain the ISO image of 10586.494 (preferably) and extract the two files StikyNot.exe and StikyNot.exe.mui using 7-Zip or similar archive utility.

If none of those options are feasible, you may download it from this site.

Download (StikyNot.exe file version 10586.589).

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35 thoughts on “Get back Classic Sticky Notes After Installing Windows 10 Anniversary Update

  1. I did this and the sticky notes are there and I can create them but I can’t delete them. Any ideas?

  2. I would also like to pitch in and confirm that it’s impossible to close any notes made. Also, you can’t change the colour of the notes either. Until this is rectified, I suggest you add a disclaimer to the guide that it isn’t fully functional at the moment.

  3. Hi,

    Your instructions were great, I have the old stickynotes back and I like it much better than the new updated version. However I am having trouble with being able to delete a note. Every time I open a new note, it will not let me get rid of it so they keep accumulating…any way to help that? I don’t want to delete them all.

  4. Many thanks. I was able to eliminate the horrible new sticky notes and get back to something useful in just a few minutes.

  5. Please help me! I still have the same issue as before. Everything is perfect now except I still cannot delete any of my sticky notes. I have 4 open and want to get rid of 2 (not all) of them.

    I have done every single thing listed here including any instructions from other links that were given and I have checked that I did all the stops properly. Also, my mui file is in the en-US folder…Any other suggestions?

  6. Please ignore my last comment. I have officially tried all of the steps including using information from the provided links such as techflute and deskmodder but still can’t delete the notes. I have 4 notes open and only want to delete 2 of them, not them all.

  7. I had the Windows update but there was no windows.old file that I can find anywhere. I managed to hunt down the stikynot.exe file but can’t find the SNT file anywhere. Please help!

  8. I have the same issue as Andres. I can no longer change the color of the notes nor delete any notes which is really frustrating. Any way to solve this issue?

  9. Hi Guys!

    This is how you bring back the old sticky notes!

    1. Go to C:\ and find a folder called Windows.old It should have been created after the update.

    2. Go to C:\Windows.old\WINDOWS\System32 find and copy these two files:

    – StikyNot.exe

    – SNTSearch.dll

    3. Go to C:\Windows\System32 and paste the two files you just copied.

    4. Go to C:\Windows.old\WINDOWS\System32\en-US find and copy these two files:

    – sntsearch.dll.mui

    – StikyNot.exe.mui

    * The folder en-US will vary depending on your system language, for instance: es-ES for spanish.

    5. Go to C:\Windows\System32\en-US and paste the two files you just copied.

    6. Now let’s add Sticky Notes back to the start menu where it used to be. Go to C:\Windows\System32 and find StikyNot.exe then right click on it, on the menu that pops up, click on Send To>Desktop (create shortcut)

    7. Go to your desktop, the Sticky Notes shortcut should be there. Rename it to whatever you want.

    8. Go to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories (You will need to enable show hidden files in order to find this path. Here a tutorial on how to do it:

    9. Copy the shortcut from the desktop and paste it here.

    10. Done! Now the sticky notes should be in the Start Menu under Windows Accessories, and you can also find it by using the Start Menu search box

    Note: If for whatever reason you don’t have the Windows.old folder, you can download the files from this tutorial at step 3:

    It would be better to use the files from your own system though. I didn’t follow the same exact steps in that tutorial since it is for a different version of windows. I suggest follow my instructions instead.

    I hope this helped you all.

  10. Put your .snt file in both the old and new locations after you move the stikynot.exe to the system diretory before you run it. It adds your old notes. Any new notes added using the old app, you will need to cut the font from an old note to change it. New notes added using the old app can’t seem to be deleted but who knows what will change with each new update?

  11. I upgraded my PC, new everything, installed fresh Windows 10 onto my new SSD. Now i’m in the process of transfering files and programs from my old HD to my SSD, and i can’t find the actual Stickynotes app to move over. I can open the modern version on my SSD but i hate it, and it wont link to my StickyNotes.snt which has my data on it, i don’t really want to lose those. If i run my machine off my old HD all my Sticky notes pop right up on my desktop like normal, i’d like to know how to access that data from my SSD

  12. @Andres: I noticed that as well. Only way to close it is by pressing Alt + F4. No idea about colors though.

  13. I copied de classic versión, but now I can’t delete notes or change colors. Any ideas to fix that ? Thank you in advance.

  14. I don’t like the new one is so big and you can’t make it small like the old one. I liked the one

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