Windows 10 Media Creation Tool Error 0x80072f76 – 0x20017

media creation tool error 0x80072f76

When you run the Media Creation Tool (MCT), you may see the error 0x80072f76 - 0x20017:

There was a problem running this tool.
We’re not sure what happened, but we’re unable to run this tool on your PC. If you continue experiencing problems, reference the error code when contacting customer support. Error code: 0x80072F76 – 0x20017

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Stop Auto Reopen of Programs after Restart in Windows 10

Use my sign in info to automatically finish setting up my device after an update or restart

One of the many small changes in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is that the operating system can now automatically reopen programs that were running before shutdown or restart. If you shut down Windows 10 with some apps (e.g., Chrome browser, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word) open, some of them are relaunched at next startup, which is undesirable; to put it fairly, it can be annoying for many. How to disable this feature?Read more

Photos App Mouse Wheel Settings: Scroll to Zoom or View Prev/Next [Windows 10]

Photos app settings - mouse wheel function windows 10

When viewing a single photo in Windows Photo Viewer and Windows Picture and Fax Viewer (Windows 7), rotating the mouse scroll button used to zoom the image, and most people expected the same with new Photos app in Windows 10.

In early builds of Windows 10, the Photos app included the behavior of scrolling prev/next photos with the mouse wheel. Then in one of the interim builds, the functionality was changed, where mouse wheel started zooming. Some users were not happy with this inconsistency.Read more

Download Windows 10 ISO of Any Version or Edition

media creation tool - download windows 10 iso, usb installation media

This article explains how to download the official Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft servers using different methods. The Media Creation Tool downloads the latest version of Windows 10 by default. You can also use Rufus or other third-party tools to accomplish the task. These third-party tools let you download any edition, build, or language ISO of Windows 10.

Microsoft hasn’t released the official hash checksum (e.g., SHA1, SHA256, etc.) of the ISOs on their website. If you’re hesitant to use 3rd party tools to download the ISO, note that regardless of any method (or tool) you use in this article, the ISO file will be downloaded from the Microsoft servers directly.
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