How to Automatically Take a Screenshot and Open it in a Editor?

automatically take screenshot and editor

Using the WinKey and Prnt Scrn keystroke is probably the fastest way to take a full screenshot and automatically save it to a file, in Windows 8 and higher. When using this method, the screenshot image contains your entire screen including the Taskbar and everything. And in most cases you may have to crop the image before sending or sharing it with someone, so that only the relevant portion is shown.Read more

How to Delete Older File History Backups

file history clean up old versions

File History does point in time backups of your files so that you can revert back to the exact copy or version of your files when you need them. File History also allows you to configure how long the backups are retained, and beyond that the older versions are purged automatically. This post tells you how to manually clean up older versions of your File History backups using two different ways.Read more

Windows 10 Pictures Library Arrange by Month Missing?

Pictures Library - Arrange by

Pictures library allows you organize your images in a variety of ways such as arrange by month, folder, day, rating and tag, and sort or group pictures as you’d like. You may be wondering if the option to arrange photos by month is removed in Windows 10, as the Arrange command is not shown anywhere in the ribbon or toolbar area. This post tells you how to arrange pictures by month, or the way you need.Read more

[Fix] Win+X Menu Shortcuts Not Working

When you right-click Start, none of the shortcuts in the Win+X (Power User) menu work except the Run command. However, the shortcuts may work fine when launched from the Win+X Shortcuts folder, which is located at:Read more

How to Use the File History Feature in Windows 8 and 10

File History, included in Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10, is used to backup your personal files at chosen intervals and recover a specific version of the file you want from backup. To use File History you need to select an external drive or a network location where you want to backup the files to. You can designate an external drive or network location for File History for multiple PCs. We’ll see how to configure and use File History in Windows 8 and 10 in today’s post.Read more

Remove Quick access and User Folders from File Explorer in Windows 10

remove quick access and shell folders

The File Explorer in Windows 8 and 10 by default displays at the top those six shell folders, and a couple of shell folders pinned on to the navigation pane.

The six shell folders namely Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, and Videos show up above the fold not only cluttering the area but pushing the disk drives category down, which some users dislike.Read more