How to Stop Edge From Hijacking Your PDF or HTML Associations

Windows 10’s file association protection mechanism prevents direct changes to the UserChoice area of the registry for each file type. When no file association (user choice) is set in the registry or if an application makes the hash void by incorrectly writing to UserChoice registry key to set associations, this triggers a reset of file association for that file type, going back to Windows 10 defaults. For instance, Edge may takeover your PDF file associations after an update, or due to the above-mentioned reasons and the Action Center notifies you that an app default was reset.Read more

[Fix] Win+X Menu Shortcuts Not Working

When you right-click Start, none of the shortcuts in the Win+X (Power User) menu work except the Run command. However, the shortcuts may work fine when launched from the Win+X Shortcuts folder, which is located at:Read more

[Fix] Pin to Start Option Missing in Windows 10

Summary: "Pin to Start" Option missing and "Show more tiles" Option Locked in Personalize window, due to Policy settings. In Windows 10, when you right-click on a folder, .exe file or a shortcut to an .exe file, the option Pin to Start may be missing. Also in the Start menu when you right-click an item, … Read more

[Fix] Music, Pictures, Videos or Downloads Folders Merged Accidentally and Point to the Same Location

Accidentally Merged Music, Pictures, Videos or Downloads Folders

This post talks about a problem where two special folders such as Music, Pictures, Videos or Documents getting merged or combined and point to the same folder. Because the special or shell folders are merged, they show up with the same name but different icons in Windows 10 File Explorer.

Additionally, restoring the default location via the Location tab for one of the folders would show a similar warning as below:

Do you want to redirect folder “Music” into another system folder “Videos” located at “c:\users\{username}\videos”?

If you proceed with redirection you will not be able to separate them or restore default location. Do you still want to proceed with redirection?

Since the special folders have merged, using the Restore Default or Move option does not help.

This post tells you how to fix the user shell folder paths in the registry after accidentally merging them.Read more

Error “The folder can’t be moved here” for Documents and Pictures Folders, Caused by OneDrive

If you’ve OneDrive options set to save documents and pictures in OneDrive, instead of This PC, the shell folders Documents, Pictures and its three sub-folders Saved Pictures, Camera Roll, Screenshots are redirected to the OneDrive folder. With this setting on, the user can’t use the Location tab for each of these special folders to Move them or Restore default location. In doing so, Access is denied error occurs with the message The folder can’t be moved here.Read more