Windows Security URL Shortcuts for Each Page (WindowsDefender://)

The Windows Security user interface has various options. Each of these pages can be opened directly using URL shortcuts, similar to the shell: commands we used to open special folders directly.

Here’s the list of WindowsDefender:// URL protocol commands to open individual Windows Security settings pages directly via the Run dialog. You can also create desktop shortcuts for the same.

URL Protocol Launches:
windowsdefender:// Windows Security dashboard
windowsdefender://account/ Account Protection
windowsdefender://accountprotection/ Account Protection
windowsdefender://allowappthroughfolder/ Allow an app through Controlled Folder Access
windowsdefender://appbrowser/ App & browser control
windowsdefender://appguardsettings/ Application Guard settings
windowsdefender://coreisolation/ Core Isolation
windowsdefender://coreisolationreboot/ *Reboots Windows immediately without warning*
windowsdefender://customscan Scan Options
windowsdefender://dataencryption/ Device security   *Windows 11 only.
windowsdefender://devicesecurity/ Device security
windowsdefender://enableandupdate/ Enable Real-time protection and Update the definitions
windowsdefender://enablertp/ Enable Real-time protection
windowsdefender://exclusions/ Exclusions – Add or remove items to scan exclusions
windowsdefender://exploitprotection/ Exploit protection
windowsdefender://family/ Family options
windowsdefender://freshstart/ Fresh start. *Since Windows 10 v2004, Fresh start has been moved to Reset this PC.
windowsdefender://fullhistory/ Protection History
windowsdefender://fullscan/ Start a Full scan (Scan Options)
windowsdefender://hardware/ Device security
windowsdefender://history Protection History
windowsdefender://network/ Firewall & network protection
windowsdefender://perfhealth/ Device performance & health
windowsdefender://protectedfolders/ Protected folders (Controlled Folder Access)
windowsdefender://providers/ Security providers
windowsdefender://quarantinehistory/ Protection history, filtered by quarantined items.
windowsdefender://quickscan/ Start a quick scan (Scan Options)
windowsdefender://ransomwareprotection/ Ransomware protection
windowsdefender://reboot/ *Reboots Windows without warning*
windowsdefender://samples Virus & threat protection dashboard
windowsdefender://securityprocessor/ Security processor details (TPM)
windowsdefender://securityprocessortroubleshooting/ Security processor troubleshooting (TPM)
windowsdefender://settings/ Windows Security Notification settings
windowsdefender://smartapp/ Smart App Control. *Windows 11 only.
windowsdefender://smartscreenpua/ Reputation-based protection
windowsdefender://threat/ Virus & threat protection dashboard
windowsdefender://threatsettings/ Virus & threat protection settings
windowsdefender://update/ Update the definitions immediately (Protection updates)
windowsdefender://updateandquickscan/ Update the definitions immediately and run a quick scan. (Ref: command-line equivalent)
windowsdefender://wdoscan/ Start Windows Defender Offline Scan. (Reference)

Note that none of the above protocol commands will work if the Security Center (SecHealthUI) app package is missing or the service hasn’t been started. In that case, you’ll see the error: You’ll Need a New App to Open This Windows Defender Link

The above protocol commands have been last tested in Windows 10 22H2 and Windows 11 22H2.

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