How to Always Start Task Manager As Administrator (Elevated) by Default?

Task Manager in Windows Vista and Windows 7 runs in non-elevated mode by default, showing only those processes running under the current user context. To be able to terminate or manage a process running under other user accounts, or to log off other users, you need to elevate Task Manager by clicking the Show processes from all users button in the Processes tab.Read more

Backup Windows 10/11 Services Startup Type Configuration

backup services script message box

After doing a fresh install of Windows, disabling unused Windows Services is one of the time-consuming tasks you perform. Once configured, you can back up the service startup state using a Script so that it can be used for subsequent installations or if you need to automate the task on several computers.

Services state backups can also help when you troubleshoot Windows services and want to quickly roll back the changes you made.

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How to Add “Lock Workstation” Command to the Windows XP Start menu

To lock a Windows 2000/XP/Vista workstation, most people use the popular WinKey + L keystroke. Whereas some (mouse users) prefer a shortcut that locks the workstation using the “rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation” command.

Using the registry hack in this article, you can add the Lock Workstation command to the Windows XP Start menu, just below the Run command.Read more

Green Tick or Blue Arrows Icon Overlay Displayed for Files and Folders

overlay icon handlers shellexview

If you’re wondering why Explorer shows certain files or folders with some icon sign in the corners, such as a white tick mark in a green box, or chevron in a blue box, or any other symbol such as a white tick in round green background regardless of the file type, then you’ll find this post helpful.

These are known as icon overlays, added by programs to provide additional information about the files or folders marked with the overlay symbol. For example, a backup program that you use may place an icon overlay for files and folders that are backed up, and a different symbol for files that aren’t included in the backup.Read more

Add “MS-KB Lookup” Option to the Right-Click Menu in Internet Explorer

Sometimes we come across articles on the web that have reference to Microsoft Knowledgebase Article ID with no hyperlink included. Then you have to do a web search for that article ID or look up the ID in MS-KB Advanced Search to view the article. To ease things, I created a menu extension that adds the MS-KB Lookup option to the right-click menu in Internet Explorer.Read more