Restore Missing “Pin to Taskbar” Option in Windows 10/11

Summary: “Pin to Taskbar” option is missing when you right-click on a .exe file or its shortcut on a Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer. The issue occurs due to the Taskbar policies applied on the computer using the local group policy editor or the registry. For example, TaskbarNoPinnedList Policy is one such policy that hides the “Pin to Taskbar” context menu option.Read more

Folders Refresh Automatically If Desktop Slideshow and Accent Color are Enabled

If you’re noticing a problem where folder contents automatically refresh at specific intervals in Windows 10/11, this is due to the combination of the two settings, Desktop Background Slideshow (or Windows Spotlight) and “Automatically pick an accent color”.

When both options are enabled, the Windows Shell sends the refresh message to all the windows every time the wallpaper changes. This causes folders to refresh the views. The automatic folder refresh would be annoying, especially if you’re scrolling through a folder containing too many files, and after a refresh, the scroll bar moves right back to the top.Read more

How to Restore Missing Recycle Bin Desktop icon

Recycle Bin is one of the default icons added when you install Windows. If you had inadvertently removed the Recycle bin icon from the desktop, this post tells you how to restore the icon back on the desktop.

This post has a REG file that contains the default settings for Windows 10/11 Recycle Bin namespace icon. Running this file will restore the Recycle Bin if it goes missing from the Desktop for some reason. Read more

Fix Open with “Choose another app” Error Program Not Associated

When you right-click a file, and select Open with… in a Windows 10/11 computer, the following error may appear:

This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Please install a program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel.

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Error “The folder can’t be moved here” Moving Documents/Pictures, Caused by OneDrive

onedrive folder direction stop backup

If you’ve OneDrive options set to save documents and pictures in OneDrive, instead of This PC, the shell folders Documents, Pictures, and its three sub-folders Saved Pictures, Camera Roll, and Screenshots, are redirected to the OneDrive folder.

With this setting on, the user can’t use the Location tab in the special folder properties to move them or restore the default location. In doing so, Access is deniedThe folder can’t be moved here error would appear.

(This article was last reviewed in August 2022 and the steps are verified to work in Windows 10/11 v 21H2.)

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Windows 10/11 User Shell Folders Restore Default Paths

user shell folders registry key in windows 10

This post provides you with the list of User Shell Folders in Windows 10/11 and their default paths. If you’ve moved a shell folder earlier, you can restore it to the default location via the folder properties Location tab in most cases.

However, there are situations where the Location tab option can’t be used — i.e. when two special folders such as Music and Videos become merged and point to the same location. In that case, clicking Restore Default in the folder properties Location tab causes an error.

In such cases, resetting the respective shell folder path(s) in the registry is the only possible solution. This article provides the .reg files needed to revert to the default shell folder paths quickly and also includes the list of shell folders and their default path for your reference. This article applies to Windows 10 and Windows 11.

NOTE: Before proceeding, please stop OneDrive sync/backup option for the corresponding shell folder — e.g., Documents, Desktop, Pictures Folders.

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