Fix: NSIS Error “Error launching installer” or “Cannot find [filename]”

Many users are currently seeing the NSIS error on their systems, although they haven’t installed any new program. The error may appear every hour. It’s possible that a scheduled task triggers it.

Error launching installer

nsis error launching installer

Windows cannot find 'DNS_Update.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.


Windows cannot find 'VPN_Update.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

nsis error - reason cybersecurity - task manager

If you see the NSIS error message dialog on your computer, this article tells you how to resolve the issue.


One of the most likely causes of the NSIS error is RAV Endpoint Protection or RAV VPN. On an affected system, the root cause was found by running Process Explorer (How to Find Which Program Owns an Error Message Window.)

nsis error - reason cybersecurity


The file names in the error message are related to RAV Endpoint or RAV VPN program. Uninstalling this program should help. It’s possible that the RAV product may have been bundled with other programs. Most users don’t remember installing them.

If you can’t uninstall the product, download Autoruns from Microsoft and run it as administrator.

In Autoruns, find and delete the “Reason Cybersecurity” or “ReasonLabs” entries. There may be more than one service from that vendor. Here are some services that belong to Reason CyberSecurity.

  • rsDNSClientSvc
  • rsDNSResolver
  • rsDNSSvc

Also, check the “Scheduled Tasks” tab in Autoruns to see if there are any Reason CyberSecurity entries.

Delete all the Reason Cybersecurity-related entries using Autoruns. That should resolve the NSIS error.

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