[Fix] File Explorer Error Windows cannot find “” in Windows 10

When you click the File Explorer shortcut in the Taskbar or launch Explorer using WinKey + E hotkey, error “Windows cannot find “”. Make sure you typed the name correctly” may occur. This happens if you’ve disabled the Quick access feature using registry edit, and File Explorer is set to open in Quick access view … Read more

Restore Missing Administrative Tools Shortcuts in Windows 10

admin tools shortcuts sfc.

The Administrative Tools folder in the Start menu contains a list of shortcuts to launch admin tools like Perfmon, Resmon, Computer Management, Registry Editor, etc. If your Administrative Tools folder is empty, use one of these ways to restore the default shortcuts. Method 1: Restore missing shortcuts using SFC The default Administrative Tools shortcuts can be … Read more

How to Add Classic Desktop Background and Colors Applets to Windows 10 Control Panel?

Windows 10 has a new user interface (i.e. the Settings page) for changing the desktop background and setting colors. The classic Desktop Background and Colors and Appearance options are replaced, but they still exist in Windows 10. Recently we saw how to access the old or classic style Desktop Background and Colors page using canonical names or command-line in the article Personalize Shows Only 24 Choices for Background Color.Read more

“This App has Been Blocked for Your Protection” in Windows 10

When running the installer or setup file for a program, Windows 10 may display the message “This App has Been Blocked for Your Protection” and prevent the file from running. This is done for some very valid reasons. Windows 10 has set some strict guidelines for Windows Desktop Apps certification requirements, and if the application you’re trying to install doesn’t clear some of important checklists, the User Account Control blocks the app from installing.Read more

Quick Access/Home View Incorrect – Frequent Folders & Recent Files Are Grouped Together

quick access "home" view incorrect - grouped together

By default, the Frequent Folders and Recent Files are grouped separately in the Quick Access (now known as “Home”) folder. Occasionally, on some systems, the Quick access view may appear incorrectly (e.g., the Frequent Folders and Recent Files items get mixed up and show under a single category) due to folder views corruption.Read more