Restore Microsoft Edge “Close All Tabs” Prompt After Disabling it Accidentally

Microsoft Edge shows the confirmation dialog below when you close the app with multiple tabs currently open. If you have dismissed the dialog after accidentally enabling the “Always close all tabs” option and clicking “Close all”, Edge will no longer show you the prompt from the next time, and the setting is saved to the registry.Read more

Microsoft Edge – Prevent Download of Unsafe Files Blocked by SmartScreen Filter

The SmartScreen Filter warns the user when running unrecognized programs or files downloaded from the internet. When you download files using Microsoft Edge, the file download is blocked if the source URL is blacklisted or the downloaded program fails the application reputation check by Microsoft SmartScreen filter. However, Edge allows users to download the unsafe file regardless of the warning.Read more

Show Edge Address Bar by Default for New Tabs and Start page

When you start Microsoft Edge, the Start page shows the “Where to next?” text box where you can type a web address or use it to search the web using Edge’s default search engine. To see the address bar instead of the “Where to next?” search box on new tabs and in the Start page, you need to click on the gray area where the address bar is supposed to appear.

To make things easier, here is a registry edit to make Microsoft Edge always show the address bar (by default).Read more

pin website to start

Pin Website Shortcuts to the Windows 10 Start Screen

If you’ve been using desktop shortcuts to open your favorite websites, you can instead pin those websites to the Windows 10 Start menu to make your desktop clutter-free.

Moreover, pinning websites to the Start screen helps you get to those sites quickly especially when your Windows 10 device is in Tablet mode, where the Start screen occupies the full screen, covering your desktop. You can pin website shortcuts to the Windows 10 Start screen using four different ways.Read more