Apply a Light Theme for Chrome Incognito

chrome incognito light theme

With the implementation of Material Design in recent desktop versions of Google Chrome, the dark color scheme has been applied for incognito mode. Some users still prefer to have the usual, light theme for incognito mode, but there is no built-in option or chrome://flags setting for this.Read more

Download Bing Wallpapers Without Watermark

Bing gallery watermark

The Bing wallpaper gallery houses some gorgeous wallpapers of landscapes, nature, animals, cities, space, flowers, people, insects, underwater, etc. that can spice up your desktop and elevate your mood. The wallpapers from Bing gallery, however, come with a “Bing” watermark image which may reduce the aesthetics.Read more

How to Import or Export Google Chrome Passwords to a File

chrome export passwords to csv

Here’s a quick tip on how to import and export saved credentials in Google Chrome from/to a CSV file. Export Chrome Passwords to a CSV file Open Google Chrome and open Settings. Under “Autofill”, click “Passwords”. Click the “More actions” kebab menu icon (denoted by three vertical dots) near the “Saved Passwords” section. Click Export … Read more

How to Clear Chrome History and Cookies for a Particular Site

Clear Chrome History and Cookies for a Particular Site

Sometimes, it may be necessary for you to clear the Chrome browser history and cookies for a particular site or domain. You may need to clear the cookies and site data for a specific site either when designing websites or troubleshooting website login issues etc. And, as a privacy measure, you may often find the need to clear the browsing history for a specific domain or site.

This article explains how to clear the Google Chrome browsing history and cookies on a per-site basis.Read more

How to add the UK English Spell Check Option in Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail includes the English (UK) spell check dictionary built-in, but the option is not exposed for some unknown reason. To enable the English (United Kingdom) spell check dictionary, using one of the methods below. Method 1 tells you how to manually add the UK English Spell check option in Windows Live Mail, and Method 2 uses a VBScript that I wrote to automate the task.Read more