How to Import or Export Google Chrome Passwords to a File

chrome export passwords to csv

Here’s a quick tip on how to import and export saved credentials in Google Chrome from/to a CSV file. Export Chrome Passwords to a CSV file Open Google Chrome and open Settings. Under “Autofill”, click “Passwords”. Click the “More actions” kebab menu icon (denoted by three vertical dots) near the … Read more

How to Clear Chrome History and Cookies for a Particular Site

Clear Chrome History and Cookies for a Particular Site

Sometimes, it may be necessary for you to clear the Chrome browser history and cookies for a particular site or domain. You may need to clear the cookies and site data for a specific site either when designing websites or troubleshooting website login issues etc. And, as a privacy measure, you may often find the need to clear the browsing history for a specific domain or site.

This article explains how to clear the Google Chrome browsing history and cookies on a per-site basis.Read more

How to Determine the Target Path of Windows Installer Shortcuts?

When you right-click on a Windows Installer shortcut and choose Properties, the Target field does not show the path to the executable. This is because Windows Installer shortcuts work in a different way. When you double-click a Windows Installer shortcut, Windows reads the Product code, Component code and other details stored in the Shortcut in order to determine the executable file location.Read more