“Open With” window appears when opening Command Prompt

A question which I came across recently…

I go to Start, Run and type in "cmd", I get an Open With prompt window that asks me to Choose the program you want to use to open this file: File: cmd I’ve used the "Browse" button to locate the Windows Command Processor, but I have to select it from the list of "Program." The "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" check box is grayed out. I don’t even know why Windows has decided cmd is a file to be opened by an external application. This problem happens if there is a file named CMD in your profile folder, and Windows tries to execute it when you type CMD (without the .exe suffix, the file extension) in Start, Run dialog. Read more

Error 0x80070032 when creating a System Restore point in Windows Vista

When you try to create a System Restore point in Windows Vista, the following error may occur: Could not create the scheduled task for the following reason: The request is not supported. (0x80070032) This happens if the Windows Event Log and the Task Scheduler services are disabled. Follow these steps to fix the problem. 1. … Read more

Unable to open .PDF attachments from Windows Mail

When you attempt to open a .PDF file that came as a mail attachment in Windows Mail, the following error may occur: This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Set Associations control panel. This may happen even though you have Adobe Reader installed. … Read more

Unable to Open .DOC Attachments from Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail

When you attempt to open a .DOC file that came as a mail attachment in Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail, the following error may occur and the document does not open. This may happen even though you have Microsoft Word installed. Also, the same file may open correctly when saved to disk and then viewed. This article and the utility discussed below, are applicable for Windows® Vista and Windows® 7 systems with Microsoft® Word installed.Read more

A Utility to Unassociate File Types in Windows 7 and Vista

Here is a utility that helps you unassociate a file type quickly in your Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer without the need to edit the registry manually. Windows 7 & Vista do not provide a GUI option to unassociate file types, thus the need arises for such a tool below. Related article:How to Remove … Read more

How to Clear the Thumbnail Cache in Windows

Windows keeps a copy of all of your picture, video, and document thumbnails in a cache database so they can be displayed quickly when you open a folder. Sometimes due to thumbnail cache corruption, thumbnail previews may not work for some files, for a particular icon size or for all icons sizes.

Thumbnail preview problems can be resolved by clearing the thumbnail database and let the system rebuild it as required. To reset the thumbnail cache in Windows Vista, 7, 8 and Windows 10, use these steps:Read more

A bug in Windows XP File Types dialog

Unable to assign Acceleration Key for an Action

I have found what I consider to be a bug in Windows XP. It would affect almost no one, but still a bug. As an example, assume that Microsoft Word is already installed and a person installs the Microsoft Word Viewer also.

  1. Open Control Panel/Folder Options/File Types tab.
  2. Select a file extension. (Say .doc)
  3. Click Advanced and the Edit File Type dialog box opens.
  4. Select New button and the New Action dialog box opens.
  5. In the Action: text box, type &View (with the intent that the keyboard shortcut for this is Alt+V)
  6. In Application used to perform action:, type the path to wordview.exe
  7. Select OK to close the New Action dialog box.
  8. Select OK to close the Edit File Type Box.
  9. Select OK to close the Folder Options Box.
  10. In Windows Explorer, right click a .doc file. The context menu will show &View instead of View.

Does this happen to others?

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