Restore Missing Media Feature Pack/WMP in Windows 10 and 11

spring creators update error 0x800F081E wmp

After buying a brand new Windows 10 or 11 computer, double-clicking a video file opens it in Films & TV (or Movies & TV), and the Windows Media Player shortcut is nowhere to be seen. This makes one wonder if Windows Media Player has been removed in Windows 10 and 11. Windows Media Player very much exists in Windows 10 and Windows 11.Read more

Windows Media Player Rip Location is Stuck. How to Fix it?

Summary: The “Rip Music” tab in Windows Media Player Options dialog shows up an empty location, and the Change button doesn’t work. User is unable to change or set the default Rip folder location.

When the folder that was last set as the default Rip location is missing, Windows Media Player sets your Music folder (as fallback) for the Rip location. So, if the Music folder is inaccessible for some reasons, (say the user moved the Music folder to a removable drive, and the removable drive-letter has changed or the drive is disconnected or inaccessible), the Rip location would show up empty and the Change button remain stuck.Read more