Easily Find and Remove Duplicate URLs in Internet Explorer Favorites

It’s not uncommon to see people ending up with duplicate URLs in their browser Bookmarks/Favorites over a period of time. Finding duplicates by comparing the target URL may be a tedious task especially if you have a lengthy favorites list. Here is an useful tool that can help you easily find and remove duplicate items in Internet Explorer Favorites and Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks.Read more

How to Start Internet Explorer in InPrivate Browsing Mode by Default

Summary: This post tells you how to start Internet Explorer in InPrivate mode by default, using a shortcut or double-clicking a .url or .htm file. Instructions apply to all versions of Windows, up to Windows 10 as of the last revision of this post.

InPrivate Browsing mode in Internet Explorer enables you to surf the web without leaving a trace in the computer, as the cache is erased automatically when the “InPrivate Browsing” window is closed.Read more

Preserve the order of Internet Explorer Favorites when transferring to another PC

The Favorites menu in Internet Explorer lets you arrange the shortcuts by dragging each shortcut to your preferred location within the Favorites menu. If you use the Import/Export Wizard in Internet Explorer or manually copy the URL favorites to another system, the favorites order is not copied to the target system. This is because Internet Explorer stores the sort order in the registry, and the Import/Export Wizard does not reference the sort order registry key.Read more

Prevent Internet Explorer Toolbar Layout from being Reset

Every once in a while, Internet Explorer resets the toolbar layout and I need to customize them the way I want, every time this happens. I have Google Toolbar and the default Links toolbar enabled, which I have docked to the extreme right, showing only the chevron.

Occasionally Internet Explorer (or probably one of the browser add-ons) resets the toolbar positions, pushing the Links toolbar to a separate line and thus occupying additional screen real estate. This happens even though the toolbars are in a locked state.Read more