How to Stop F1 Help Key From Opening Bing Search in Windows 10?

When you press the F1 key in Windows 10, it opens your browser window and loads the How to get help Bing search page showing a video on “how to get help in Windows 10”. Using a registry edit, you can stop F1 from opening your browser especially if it obstructs when gaming or performing other tasks.

disable f1 help key windows 10

As of now, Windows 10 doesn’t have an official help page either online or offline. When you press F1 with no application selected and the focus currently on the desktop, it runs the file HelpPane.exe in your Windows directory. This file in-turn opens your default web browser.

If and when Microsoft releases a proper help page or locally stored help and support system, the executable HelpPane.exe might get updated to redirect you to the correct place. Until then you can disable the key if you wish to.

Disable the F1 Key : Windows Help and Support

To prevent F1 from opening Bing search, download and run the enclosed registry fix. If you plan to reverse the changes, run the undo registry file.

Editor’s Note: This registry setting doesn’t affect the F1 key functionality in individual programs.

Here is what the REG contains

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

;Disables F1 key - Help and Support - in Windows 10
;Ramesh Srinivasan,



Another option to prevent F1 key from opening Bing search is to lockdown the file HelpPane.exe using NTFS permissions.

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12 thoughts on “How to Stop F1 Help Key From Opening Bing Search in Windows 10?”

  1. Wow, you really saved my life! I would’ve never, ever been able to disable the annoying popup (that kept on opening, and I wasn’t even pressing F1) without your help! Thank you so much, and keep making great programs like these!

    Thank you so much! I got sick of FN being active all the time (what the hell HP?) so any time I would try to press the 1key and accidentally hit F1 it would open the browser on top and then I would wait for it to load just to close it to either find myself dead or almost dead (in game). You think they would not have this function on an HP Gaming laptop *smh*

  3. god bless you, honestly. I went searching in the reg and couldn’t seem to find it so this was very helpful. and what even was the point of that shortcut anyway?? there are MUCH more useful things they could have had that link to, honestly. anyway, thank you again!

  4. Thank you!!! When F2+3 are brightness and you accidentally open a dozen separate bing windows instead of dimming the screen, enough is enough.

  5. Thank you SO SO SO MUCH!!!

    I’ve always found the F1 thing very annoying, and I wish I’d found this years ago!!

    Thank you!!!


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