How to Custom Install/Uninstall Individual Office 2016/2019/365 Apps

office setup all apps

The traditional MSI (Microsoft Installer) based installation allowed you to install or uninstall individual office products (e.g., Word, Excel, or PowerPoint). But the Office click-to-run (CTR) installations don’t allow installation choices. Click-to-Run is the technology used to install Microsoft 365, and most versions of Office 2013 and newer.Read more

How to Recover Deleted Files Using Windows File Recovery (WFR)

windows file recovery - store app from Microsoft

Did you accidentally delete an important file? Have you wiped clean your hard drive? Unsure of what to do with corrupted data? Windows File Recovery can help recover your personal data.

Windows File Recovery (WFR) is a command-line app from Microsoft. It can help you recover lost files deleted from your local storage device (including internal drives, external drives, and USB devices) that cannot be restored from the Recycle Bin.Read more

[Fix] Error FFMPEG.DLL not found when Starting Microsoft Teams or Other Apps

ffmpeg.dll error in microsoft teams

When you start Microsoft Teams, Discord, or other apps on your Windows computer, you may receive the following error message or similar:

Teams.exe - System Error

The code execution cannot proceed because ffmpeg.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.

ffmpeg.dll error in microsoft teams

Let’s see how to fix the “ffmpeg.dll was not found” error if you’re using Microsoft Teams.

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[Fix] Cannot Install Notepad++ Plugins – Installation Failed

notepad++ plugin cannot install - firewall

Notepad++ is one of the excellent open-source text editors available. Many users replace the plain old Notepad with Notepad++, as the latter has a lot of features and is also lightweight. You may be knowing that the functionality of Notepad++ can be extended by installing third-party plugins into it using the built-in Plugins Admin feature.

On some computers, you may be unable to install any plugins using the Plugins Admin feature. When trying to install a plugin, it restarts Notepad but does not install the chosen plugin even though you’ve tried both x86 and 64-bit versions. On some versions you may see the following error:

Installation Error: Installation of plugin failed

This issue may persist even if the
We’ll see how to resolve the Notepad++ plugins installation issue.

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Fix for Error 0x80073CFA when Uninstalling an App in Windows 10

0x80073CFA uninstalling apps error

When uninstalling a Store app in Windows 10, you may get the error 0x80073CFA. This happens whether you use the Apps & Features GUI or PowerShell command to remove the app. Many users have indicated that the error happens when uninstalling some game apps like Forza Motorsport, Forza Horizon, Asphalt: Airborne, etc.

0x80073CFA uninstalling apps error

We couldn't uninstall app_name

The operation did not complete successfully. Try again in a bit.

The error code is 0x80073CFA, in case you need it.

However, the error 0x80073CFA is not specific to Microsoft gaming apps. It can happen for any app, for that matter.

Attempting to uninstalling the app using PowerShell’s Remove-AppxPackage would result in the same error code:

0x80073CFA uninstalling apps error powershell

Remove-AppxPackage : Deployment failed with HRESULT: 0x80073CFA, Removal failed. Please contact your software vendor.
(Exception from HRESULT: 0x80073CFA)

error 0x80070032: AppX Deployment Remove operation on package package_name from:
C:\WINDOWS\SystemApps\package_path failed. This app is part of Windows and
cannot be uninstalled on a per-user basis. An administrator can attempt to remove the app from the computer using Turn
Windows Features on or off. However, it may not be possible to uninstall the app.

(The above error happened when attempting to uninstall the in-box package named Microsoft.Windows.PeopleExperienceHost for the sake of illustration.)


The 0x80073CFA error (“Removal failed. Please contact your software vendor.”) occurs if you try to uninstall a non-removable inbox app. Inbox apps are official Microsoft apps bundled with Windows 10 and installed during Windows 10 Setup — e.g., Photos, Calendar, Alarma, Camera, Calculator, People app, etc. Some of the inbox apps are “non-removable” and some are removable — e.g., the Photos app.

The StateRepository-Machine.srd database has a field named IsInbox against app which may be set to 1 or  0. If it’s set to 1, it’s a designated inbox app. For non-removable apps, PowerShell’s Get-AppxPackage <PackageName> command will show that the package is NonRemovable.

get-appxpackage nonremovable

If you need to trim down Windows by removing unused or unwanted apps, there is a way to forcibly remove them even though they’re marked as non-removable inbox apps. To do so, you need to first set the IsInbox value to 0 by editing the StateRepository-Machine.srd database.Read more

[Fix] Windows Live Mail Error 0x800C013E in Windows 10

windows live mail 0x800C013E in windows 10 2004

After installing the Windows 10 Feature Update 2004  (Build 19041.xx), you may be unable to send or receive emails using Windows Live Mail Version 2012. The error message may look like the following:

Unable to send or receive messages for the [name] account. An unknown error has occurred.

Server: ''
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800C013E
Protocol: POP3
Port: 110
Secure(SSL): No

Protocol: IMAP
Port: 993
Secure(SSL): 1
Code: 800c013e

Username: [name]
Protocol: IMAP
Port: 993
Secure(SSL): 1
Code: 800c013e

windows live mail 0x800C013E in windows 10 2004

Also, when you preview an email in Windows Live Mail, you may see the following error message(s):

Message could not be displayed

Windows Live Mail encountered an unexpected problem while displaying this message. Check your computer for low memory or low disk space and try again.
Could not write this message to disk

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How to Join Multiple Videos in Windows Using Avidemux

avidemux user interface

Due to file size restrictions or other reasons, sometimes, your friends or co-workers may send videos in multiple parts. This is especially the case when you get the videos from WhatsApp, email, or other social media platforms. Once downloaded, you may want to combine the multiple clips into one single video for easier management.

We’ve seen how to do merge videos using the built-in Photos app. But this post tells you how to combine multiple video clips into one, using 3rd party freeware like Avidemux, FFmpeg, etc.Read more