Using ActiveX Filtering in Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 8 introduced the Per-Site ActiveX feature which allowed users to run a certain ActiveX control only on white-listed sites. This feature was explained in our earlier article How to Disable Adobe Flash Animations for All but White-Listed Sites in IE8. Internet Explorer 9 introduces another similar feature named ActiveX Filtering. When ActiveX Filtering … Read more

Clear Internet Explorer Cache using Rundll32 Command-Line

The rundll32 command-line involving inetcpl.cpl and the entrypoint ClearMyTracksByProcess which is widely in use since Internet Explorer 7, is effective only if it’s run in low integrity level. This is because in Windows Vista and higher, Internet Explorer manages two different cache containers, one for the Protected Mode and another cache folder to store files when Internet Explorer is outside the Protected Mode.Read more

Internet Explorer History Entries and Windows Search Integration

When you type in the Internet Explorer 8 address bar, some of the previously visited URLs may appear in the dropdown even after clearing the history. No matter which method you use to wipe out the history, such as deleting the index.dat, using CCleaner or other third-party cache cleaners, some of the URLs continue to … Read more

How to Disable the Zoom Level Option in Internet Explorer?

One of our readers wrote asking me how to disable the zoom feature in Internet Explorer, as the zoom level in Internet Explorer changes when the CTRL key is accidentally pressed when scrolling a webpage using mouse. Sometimes this does happen to me as well, and the only workaround that I know is to disable the zoom level feature altogether. This also prevents you from changing the zoom level via the View menu in Internet Explorer. If you don’t use the zoom feature in IE, go ahead with this registry edit.Read more

How to Disable Adobe Flash Animations For All But White-Listed Sites in Internet Explorer 8

You can disable Adobe Flash animations in websites by disabling the Adobe Shockwave Flash Object using the Manage Add-ons dialog in Internet Explorer, or by setting a "kill-bit" in the registry. What if you want to enable Flash animations by default on a handful of sites (whitelist) but not on other sites? In Internet Explorer 7, only the developer of an ActiveX control could configure it as a per-site control, using the SiteLock ActiveX Control Template. In Internet Explorer 8, it’s possible for an end-user to enable ActiveX Controls on a per-site basis, via the Manage Add-ons dialog.Read more

How to Disable Start Navigation or the Clicking Sound in Internet Explorer

The Start Navigation sound can be sometimes annoying. We understand that the clicking sound is generated when you click a hyperlink in Internet Explorer. That’s obvious! Have you wondered why the clicking sound is generated even though you don’t click on a link? It could be possible that the page you’re viewing is set to refresh automatically after some time. But that’s not the only action that triggers the Start Navigation sound event.Read more