How to Make Alt + Tab Background Fully Transparent?

In Windows 10, when you use ALT + Tab to switch windows, the grid background is full black by default and the background windows and desktop icons are displayed, as shown in this image.

alt+tab transparent
(Desktop icons shown in the background)

Hide Desktop Icons and Windows in Alt + Tab

Open Regedit.exe and go to:


Create a sub key and name it as AltTabViewHost

In the right-pane of AltTabViewHost key, create a REG_DWORD value named Wallpaper

Double-click Wallpaper set its data to 1

alt+tab transparent
(Desktop icons and background windows hidden)

Make ALT + Tab Transparent

In the AltTabViewHost key, create DWORD value named Grid_backgroundPercent

Double-click the Grid_backgroundPercent value and set its data accordingly. (0 means fully transparent and 100 means full opaque. You may set something around 5 to 10.)

After setting it to 0, here is how it appears.

alt+tab transparent
(Grid background 0%)

If the window titles are not clear, you may want to set the opacity to 10 or more.

alt+tab transparent
(Grid background 10%)

Alternately, you can create a value named BackgroundDimmingLayer_percent, if you want to dim the background wallpaper (not the grid background) and set the opacity as required. Here I set the BackgroundDimmingLayer_percent to 40% (Decimal: 40), and here is how it looks.

alt+tab transparent
(Grid Background 0% & Background dim at 40%, you can see the difference from previous image)

Exit the Registry Editor. There are plenty of other settings related to ALT +Tab, but most of them to be trivial.

Registry File for the Above Settings

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MultitaskingView\AltTabViewHost] "Grid_backgroundPercent"=dword:00000000 "BackgroundDimmingLayer_percent"=dword:00000028 "wallpaper"=dword:00000001

That’s it!

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  1. Nice. Nice. I’d implement it as soon as I move to Windows 10… (Well, that is, if I ever move. There has been some nasty showstopper bugs.)


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