Google Chrome Start Screen Tile Icon Large (Fix)

Based on the fix posted at for Google Chrome tile icon size issue in the Windows 10 Start screen, I wrote a small Vbscript to automate the process. This script might come in handy as you need to repeat the fix again every time after updating Google Chrome.

Here is how the Google Chrome icon shows up in Start by default.

chrome tile icon fix

After renaming Chrome.VisualElementsManifest.xml in the Google Chrome program directory, and "updating" the Chrome shortcut in "%appdata%\Microsoft\windows\Start Menu\Programs", Chrome icon now appears correctly.

chrome tile icon fix

Download ChromeTileFix.vbs (zipped)

The script looks for Chrome shortcut in the Start Menu\Programs folder, finds the shortcut’s target path (where Chrome is installed) and renames the file Chrome.VisualElementsManifest.xml if it’s found. Additionally, to refresh the Start screen, the script writes to the existing Google Chrome shortcut in order to update the "Date Modified" entry.

Note that the script runs elevated by default. If you have Google Chrome installed within in your user profile, you can modify the script so that it doesn’t run elevated.

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