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Fix: “View Reliability History” (Reliability Monitor) is Completely Blank

When you try to view the reliability history (Reliability Monitor) of your computer via Control Panel or Action Center, the reliability history page may be completely blank/empty. This can happen if the Task Scheduler Service or RACTask scheduled job is disabled in your computer.

To re-enable tracking of events by the Reliability Monitor, use these steps:

Verify if the Task Scheduler service is started/running

  1. Click Start, type Services.msc and press ENTER
  2. Double-click Task Scheduler.
  3. Make sure if the Startup Type is set to “Automatic”, and the “Service status” is mentioned as “Started”. If that’s not the case, download Task Scheduler service REG file from this article page, run the REG file and restart Windows. After rebooting, verify if the Task Scheduler service starts correctly.
  4. If the reliability monitor still shows blank data even after starting the Task Scheduler, you may have to enable the RACTask scheduler job, as explained below ↓

Verify if the RACTask Job is Enabled

  1. Click Start, type task scheduler, and click Task Scheduler from the list.
  2. Expand Task Scheduler Library, expand Microsoft, expand Windows, and click RAC
  3. From the View menu, click Show Hidden Tasks
  4. Right-click RACTask and choose Enable
  5. Close and reopen the “view reliability history” page. The entries should now be populated correctly.
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