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“Sign-in Options” Settings is Completely Blank

When you open Settings → Accounts → Sign-in Options, the Sign-in Options page may be completely empty. As a result, you cannot modify the PIN, dynamic lock, or other sign-in settings.


Sign-in options may be blank due to an incorrect services configuration. To resolve the issue, follow these steps:

  1. Launch services.msc
  2. Double-click “Web account manager” (TokenBroker) and set it to “Manual”
  3. Double-click “Credential Manager” (VaultSvc) and set it to “Manual”
  4. Double-click “Windows Biometric Service” (WbioSrvc) and set it to “Manual”
  5. Double-click “Microsoft Account Sign-in Assistant” (wlidsvc) and set it to “Manual.”
  6. Exit the Services console.

See if the above steps have fixed the Sign-in options page.

(To see the default services configuration for all Windows services, see Windows 10 Default Services Configuration and Windows 11 Default Services Configuration.)

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