Save and Restore Desktop Icons Position Using DesktopOK

There were some reports about desktop icons position being reset after every restart, even in Windows 10 that needs to be troubleshooted. Until then, here is a neat little program that can save multiple configurations of your desktop icons layout and restore a specific setting when needed.

We’ve a couple of posts on the desktop layout topic, including how to use the Microsoft’s Layout.dll shell extension to save and restore desktop icons position. The Layout.dll was originally written for Windows NT/2000 and doesn’t have a 64-bit version. And I haven’t tested it in Windows 10.

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DesktopOK is a portable program from SoftwareOK that works perfectly in Windows 10. There are separate downloads for 32-bit and 64-bit editions.

When you launch the program, all the menus and fonts are in German language. You can change the language by clicking the icon / list box at the lower left corner.

Click the Save button, and current screen resolution will be the name of the stored setting, followed by the date/time stamp. You can change the naming style in Options if you want.

There is also an button named Punch the icons (random position) that scatters your desktop icons in random. After scattering you can use the Restore button to rearrange them from an earlier backup, if you want to test.

By default the saved desktop icon settings are stored in a file named DesktopOK.ini in the following location. Alternately, you can also export the desktop icon configuration to a .dok file via the DesktopOK menu option.


There are additional settings available under the Options tab, like "auto-save" at pre-defined intervals and so on. Unlike other programs, DesktopOK is portable and doesn’t add a shell extension. DesktopOK may come in handy if Windows forgets your desktop icons position sometimes, or if explorer crashes and resets the desktop icons position to default.

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