Open With “Choose another app” Does Not Work. How to Fix it?

This post talks about a variation of the Open With issue discussed in post Open with "Choose another app" Error Program Not Associated in Windows 10. In this case, when the user right-clicks on a file, clicks Open with and selects the option Choose another app in the Open with dialog or menu, nothing happens.

In addition, the View reliability history page in Control Panel may show that the file openwith.exe (Pick an app) had crashed. This is the file which shows the Open with dialog in Windows 10.

Source				Pick an app
Summary				Stopped working
Faulting Application Path:	C:\Windows\System32\OpenWith.exe

Problem signature
Problem Event Name:		APPCRASH
Application Name:		OpenWith.exe
Application Version:		10.0.10586.103
Application Timestamp:		56a84f02
Fault Module Name:		DUI70.dll
Fault Module Version:		10.0.10586.0
Fault Module Timestamp:		5632d29e
Exception Code:			c0000005
Exception Offset:		000000000003a706
OS Version:			10.0.10586.
Locale ID:			1033
Additional Information 1:	b2f0
Additional Information 2:	b2f0c0a8de02d510420abe2d90a52171
Additional Information 3:	d978
Additional Information 4:	d978305aae990df3b2296bc76c66d2c1


Open with dialog enumerates the application registration from the following registry keys:


The latter key is specifically for registering programs with Default Apps or Default Programs. Since no problem was seen when using Default Apps, I renamed the 1st one, which is the Applications key, and Open with dialog worked correctly. Windows tried to get details (may be the icon inside the executable, Product name and Company name etc) about an executable registered under the Applications key and probably failed when doing so.

To identify which one of the registered applications is responsible for the crash without using the Registry Editor, you may use OpenWithView from Nirsoft.

The last four entries in the list had the Product Name and Company Name empty. Out of the four, only one executable was present in the system, but had no Product Name and Company Name information in the file’s properties. Disabling that particular entry (quickedit.exe) fixed the problem.

If that approach doesn’t work out in your case, use the same method used for troubleshooting shell extensions using Nirsoft’s ShellExView, but this time using OpenWithView.

First, note down the entries that are showing up as disabled, so that you can reset them back to disabled after you finish the troubleshooting.

Disable first half of the entries which are not already disabled (sort by column "Disabled") and see if Open with > Choose another app launches correctly. If that doesn’t help, enable the items which you’ve disabled, and then disable the remaining half. If that works, then further narrow down the items in the 2nd half to know which application causes the problem.

Once you narrow down the item, open Regedit.exe and go to this key:


Right-click the subkey name (same as executable which you disabled. For example, quickedit.exe), and choose Delete. Exit the Registry Editor.

That should take care of the problem.

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