Fix Services MMC Extended View is Blank in Windows 7/Vista/XP

The Extended view of Services Management Console (services.msc) displays the service description and also has links to Start or Stop services. In some systems, the Extended view may appear blank, as in figure below: This has to do with broken JScript.dll registration. To fix this problem, login as Administrator or equivalent, and then run the … Read more

Fix for Event Log Service Startup Error 1079

When you start the Event Viewer, the following error message may be shown. Event Log service is unavailable. Verify that the service is running. Any attempts to start the Event Log service results in the following error: Windows could not start the Windows Event Log service on Local Computer.Error 1079: The account specified for this … Read more

Using the Mouse to Copy Command Prompt Text to Clipboard

A useful tip for mousers. Earlier we saw how to copy Command Prompt output to the Windows Clipboard. Did you know that you can accomplish the same using your pointing device (mouse)? Also, you can select a particular section (word or line) and copy it to the Clipboard. Here is how to do so. 1. … Read more

Fix: Places Bar in Open/Save As (Common Dialog) Box is Empty in Windows XP

The places bar which appears in the left side of the Open and Save As dialog boxes in Windows XP, contains shortcuts to the following folders by default:

  • Recent
  • Desktop
  • My Documents
  • My Computer
  • My Network Places

The default places can be customized by editing the registry. After adding/removing custom places using a third-party tool, you may experience a problem where the places bar is completely empty.

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Fix for System File Checker Error 0x000006ba RPC Server is unavailable

When you attempt to run the System File Checker (sfc.exe /scannow command) to restore missing or corrupted system files, the following error message may be seen:

Windows File Protection could not be initiate a scan of protected system files.
The specific code is 0x000006ba [The RPC Server is unavailable.]

This happens if the Windows File Protection (WFP) is disabled in the registry.Read more

Restore Missing Folders to the Group Policy Editor in Windows XP

When you open the Group Policy Editor in Windows XP Professional, some of the categories under Administrative Templates may be missing. For example when you expand Administrative Templates, the System category may be missing. This article provides information on how to restore the missing folders to the Group Policy Editor.Read more

How to Make Folders Appear as Cascading Menu in the Quick Launch Toolbar

When you create sub-folders in the Quick Launch folder to better organize the shortcuts, the folders will appear in the Quick Launch toolbar correctly, but clicking them would launch Windows Explorer. Some people would like to view the contents of the folder (cascaded as a list) rather than opening the folder when clicked. Here is how to make folders in the Quick Launch toolbar cascade as menu when clicked.Read more