Windows 10 Calculator Does Not Work [Fix]

The built-in Calculator app is a UWP (modern) app in Windows 10. The modern Calculator app may fail to open or crash in a moment after opening. This post tells you how to fix the Windows 10 Calculator app to get it working.

Step 1: Reset Windows Calculator

  1. Open Settings, and click Apps
  2. Click Apps & features.
  3. Find the Calculator entry on the right pane and select it.
  4. Click on the “Advanced options” link that appears.
  5. Click on the Reset button to reset Calculator to default settings.

Also, check out article: How to Reset a Windows 10 App When it Fails to Work?

Step 2: Uninstall and Reinstall Windows 10 Calculator

If resetting Calculator and allows it internet access still doesn’t help, then it’s time to uninstall the app and get it installed from Windows Store. Follow these steps:

  1. Start PowerShell and run this command:
    get-appxpackage *WindowsCalculator* |Remove-AppxPackage

    uninstall windows calculator powershell
    uninstall windows calculator powershell

  2. This uninstalls Windows 10 Calculator.
  3. Next, open Windows Store and install the “Windows Calculator” (by Microsoft Corporation) app. For your convenience, here is the Calculator store app URL.

Step 3: Start the Windows License Manager Service

If the License Manager is not running, most of the Store apps (Universal Web Apps) don’t work. To start the License Manager service, use these steps:

  1. Launch the Services MMC (services.msc)
  2. Double-click Windows License Manager Service
  3. Set its startup type to Manual
  4. Click Start to start the service.
  5. Click OK and close the Services MMC.

Step 4: Firewall Configuration – Allow access to Calculator

Windows Firewall, by default, allows internet access to Windows 10 Calculator. The Calculator app fetches currency status from the web to do the conversion (Yes, it does have the currency converter feature.) and hence needs internet access.

windows calculator firewall exception

If using a 3rd party firewall software, create a rule that allows Calculator to access the internet.

Get the Old (Classic) Calculator

If you want to old desktop/classic/win32 Calculator program back in Windows 10, then check out the article Get Old Classic Calculator in Windows 10.

Get Old calculator in Windows 10

Nothing beats the good old classic desktop programs.

Hope this post helped you fix problems with the Windows 10 Calculator app. Let’s know your comments!

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