State Repository Service High CPU Usage in Fall Creators Update

After clean installing Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, some users face a problem where the State Repository Service consumes high CPU usage (anywhere between 20% to 100%) when an external link is clicked in Microsoft Edge. The system may stall for 20-30 seconds and then the link is opened.

state repository service high cpu usage
State Repository Service high CPU usage

Some users state that this unexplained spike is seen only in clean installs and not in upgrade installations. For example, you may not face this issue if you upgraded from v1703 to v1709. And the issue may subside automatically in a day or so. If it doesn’t, here are some possible solutions for this issue.

Fix 1: Reinstall all the Built-in Apps Using PowerShell

Start PowerShell.exe as administrator, and run the following command:

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}

This registers all standard apps, and thereby fixes the original issue for some users. Note that this issue may be related in someway or the other with the issue described in post Apps Missing After Installing Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. The fix however, is exactly the same.

Fix 2: Repair Microsoft Edge

With Fall Creators Update, you can repair and reset Microsoft Edge via Apps & Features in Settings.

repair and reset microsoft edge fall creators update
Repair or Reset Microsoft Edge via Apps and Features (v1709)

See post How to Repair or Reset Microsoft Edge to Default Settings? for more information.

Workaround: Restart the State Repository Service

Right-click Start, click Computer Management

Expand Services and Applications, and click Services

Select State Repository Service and click the Restart the service link on the left side of the Services listing.

Restart State Repository Service
Restart State Repository Service

This fixed the issue momentarily for some users.

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8 thoughts on “State Repository Service High CPU Usage in Fall Creators Update

  1. Really odd, same issue (clean 1709 install), none of the fixes here helped. But now 48 hours after the install the problem is gone, just like that by itself…weird.

  2. Thanks so much – this worked for me – Edge wouldn’t open links after a clean Windows 10 install. I tried all sorts of options from Microsoft – but you Powershell option worked first time.

  3. Worked! Remember however to stop all services related to Cortana before executing the mentioned command. I tried it before without stopping Cortana and that didn’t work. Good luck!

  4. None of these steps worked for me. What I had to do was a clean install of windows with the computer unplugged from the network. Once windows was up, I plugged it back in to the internet. It was fine after that.

  5. When I open a link a browser it gets opened in 10-15 sec, tried it with chrome and with edge .. same thing, it only happens if the link is external, like if you click a link in the teamspeak chat or in the skype chat, anyway very very annoying. And no solution, I tied everything that was written there

  6. Same for me, ive done everything i can think of , even messaged microsoft and nothing from them, reinstalled windows 4 times now and no change… beyond a damn joke now

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