How to Selectively Delete System Restore Points?

The System Restore user interface doesn’t have a feature to remove a particular restore point. However, it’s possible to do so by writing a PowerShell/WMI script, or a program making use of the SRRemoveRestorePoint API introduced in Windows Vista.

System Restore Explorer by Nic Bedford is a neat utility which makes use of this API, allowing you to browse system restore points on your computer and select individual ones for deletion. Not just that, you can also mount the contents of a restore point, browse and copy individual files, without having to do a System Restore rollback.

Select the Restore Point you’d like to remove, click Delete.

Recover Files

To recover files from a particular restore point / Volume Shadow Copy, click Mount. Browse through the folders and extract the files you need from the Shadow copy.

This utility was originally written for Windows Vista, but works flawlessly in higher versions of Windows, including Windows 10. If you liked this utility, head over to Nic’s Blog and leave your feedback.

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