Reset WinHTTP Proxy Settings in Windows 10 or 11

netsh view winhttp proxy

Sometimes, you may have to reset the WinHTTP proxy, firewall or network settings to fix connectivity issues when using Windows Update, Microsoft Store, or other apps. WinHTTP provides the HTTP client APIs, which are used by desktop applications and Windows services.

This article tells you how to disable or reset the WinHTTP and WinINET proxy settings using Netsh.exe and Internet Options, respectively.Read more

How to Hide Wi-Fi Network (SSID) of your Neighbors on Your Computer

list of ssid wi-fi networks

When you click on the Wi-Fi icon in the Notification area, you’ll see the list of Wireless network broadcasts that are within your connection range. With high range routers available in the market, the Wi-Fi broadcast signals are powerful and cover a long range. If you’re an apartment dweller, you’ll see too many SSIDs from your neighbors, which are of absolutely no use to you. You can clear the clutter by hiding those unneeded Wi-Fi networks from the list.Read more