OpenWithAdd 1.2 – Supports Windows Vista

When you right-click a file and choose Open With, and click the Choose Program… option, the list of registered applications are displayed in the Open With dialog. Programs that are not already listed in the Open With dialog can be added manually using the Browse… option.

OpenWithAdd tool which I wrote, can be helpful in circumstances where, when you browse to locate an application, it does not get added to the Open With dialog. It can now (v1.2 onwards) run under Windows Vista as well. Here are some screenshots:

openwithadd supports windows vista - screenshots

openwithadd supports windows vista - screenshots

openwithadd supports windows vista - screenshots

openwithadd supports windows vista - screenshots

OpenWithAdd can be downloaded from this link.

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About the author

Ramesh Srinivasan founded back in 2005. He is passionate about Microsoft technologies and he has been a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for 10 consecutive years from 2003 to 2012.

10 thoughts on “OpenWithAdd 1.2 – Supports Windows Vista”

  1. Works within Windows 7 as well… many thanks Ramesh. I’d tried to associate Lightroom using the usual methods but it just wouldn’t register.

    Your wee programme did the trick, so well done you!!!

  2. A brilliant little program to fix a really annoying problem. I was going nuts trying to associate jpg-files with Photoshop CS4 and then I found this great and simple solution. Thanks a lot!

  3. Any idea why OPEN WITH worked fine one day and not the next? I’ll use your utility if I have to (BTW, thanks!) but would prefer to correct the problem in Vista.

  4. Wow, I just spent an hour trying to fix the “Cannot add a program to the Open With dialog in Windows 7 and this program fixed it! Thank you!!

  5. Superb!!! Thanks a lot. I was getting extremely frustrated ‘cos of this and spent hours in google trying to find a solution. I followed your instructions and solved it in 2 mins. Thank you so much.
    You rock buddy.

  6. Works, unbelievable! THANK YOU! Can you please explain why Windows itself fails to register the file in the Browse dialog? How is your application able to do it? Thank you.

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