Fix for Windows Installer errors 2738 and 2739 in Windows Vista

When you try to install a program using Windows Installer (.msi) Setup package, you may encounter error 2738 or 2739 and the setup fails.

Errors 2738, 2739 occur if the Windows Installer Setup uses Windows Script (.vbs or .js) custom actions, and the VBScript or JScript runtimes are not registered in the computer.

From Windows Installer Error Messages page at MSDN:

Code Description
2738 Could not access VBScript run time for custom action
2739 Could not access JScript run time for custom action


Open an elevated Command Prompt. To do so, click Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run as administrator.

Run the following commands one by one and press ENTER after each line:

regsvr32 vbscript.dll
regsvr32 jscript.dll

You should see the output DllRegisterServer in filename.dll succeeded for each command. In case you get the error 0×80004005, it’s probably because you’re trying to register the DLLs from a normal (non-elevated) Command Prompt window.

Type Exit to close the Command Prompt window.

See also: Register DLLs elevated using the context menu

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4 thoughts on “Fix for Windows Installer errors 2738 and 2739 in Windows Vista”

  1. I carefully tried everything in this post x2 and I cannot get past the 2738 error. I run Win 7 32bit with PowerPoint 2007. For the first time ever, there was no administrative install in the context menu and “Run as administrator” under Properties was grayed out. So I chose your suggestion to run an elevated C prompt window, but that didn’t work either. Initially, I ran both regsvr cmd’s in an elevated C prompt with success, but they were “successful” just run from the “Run” line. I also rebooted along the line to clear any memory problems that might have been there.

    I am so disappointed because I will miss out on a free copy of iSpring Presenter from I’ve been working for 5 hours on this problem and your solution held out the most hope. I don’t know why it didn’t work.

  2. Thank you very much.
    I had a problem installing cryptovision interface utility, it was giving me error 2738. After following your advice, the application installed succesfully.


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