Fix Broken Help and Support after Installing Bluetooth Driver in Windows 7

When you open Windows Help and Support in Windows 7, and use the search feature to find topics, zero results appear in search results showing the text “__elbasuer__”. This could happen after installing the Bluetooth driver, or if the driver came as part of the standard installation with your PC.

I had this issue in my Dell Vostro 1520, and a solution was posted at the Dell Community forums. The fix was to remove a registry value “BRCM_Bluetooth_Help” which is added by Broadcom/WIDCOMM Bluetooth driver. This fix should apply to non-Dell systems as well.Read more

How to Make Folders Appear as Cascading Menu in the Quick Launch Toolbar

When you create sub-folders in the Quick Launch folder to better organize the shortcuts, the folders will appear in the Quick Launch toolbar correctly, but clicking them would launch Windows Explorer.

Some people would like to view the contents of the folder (cascaded as a list) rather than opening the folder when clicked. Here is how to make folders in the Quick Launch toolbar cascade as menu when clicked.Read more

How to Create a Custom Theme Pack in Windows 7

In previous versions of Windows, you could save the current theme settings to a text-based file with a .theme extension. To apply the theme to another computer, you needed to manually include the mouse cursor, wallpaper images, icons, and other files (referenced in the .theme file). Windows 7 introduces a new theme file format (.themepack) which helps users to share themes.Read more