Fix for Application Not Found Error When Opening an URL

When you click on a hyperlink in Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail, you may see the Application not found error message. This happens if the default browser is not set, or the http protocol association is incorrect. The same error may occur when double-clicking an Internet Shortcut (.URL) file in the system.

To resolve the problem, use the Default Programs feature in Windows Vista to reset the default Web browser preference.

Reset the default web browser

Step 1

1. Click Start, Default Programs

2. Click Set your default programs

3. Select your web browser from the list

4. Click Set this program as default

5. Click OK.

Then follow these steps:

Step 2

1. Click Set program access and computer defaults

2. Click Continue if you see the User Account Control prompt.

3. Click Custom

4. Select your web browser from the list

5. Click OK.

29 thoughts on “Fix for Application Not Found Error When Opening an URL

  1. Thanks a bunch. This worked for me as well after a lot of searching.

    But I do not get the (right-click) “Open with” shell command. I made Chrome my default browser, but I have two browsers and occasionally need to open an Internet Shortcut with the other browser.
    Right-click and Open with works on other file types, for instance .mht so it is there, but not on Chrome links.
    How can I add FF as my second browser, accessible with “Open with”?

  2. Dears All,

    When an email opened I in the mail there is a site for picture you wnt to see
    If I click the picture to be viewed
    msgs. General Failure, ( The URL was: @http:/”. Application not found
    Was this information helpful?

  3. For a computer illiterate such as myself, this was much easier than I thought it would be.

    Thank you, thank you!

  4. Once i got to step two, when i clicked on set program access and computer default, a screen popped up with different icons on it. i chose internet explorer and hit OK, it opened a window in internet explorer which remained blank… HELP!

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