How to Copy the Title and URL of All Open Tabs in Internet Explorer?


My previous post explained how to use the Internet Options dialog to copy the web addresses of current tabs in Internet Explorer. Wouldn’t it be nice if there is a way to capture the page title in addition? This can be especially useful if you have some unfriendly URLs (e.g. URLs not based on page title), such as:

By looking at the URL, nobody would even have the slightest notion of what that link is about. In that case, capturing the page title along can be of utmost help. There is a way to do that in Internet Explorer 7 and higher. It takes just 4 mouse clicks to get the title and URL of your open tabs.

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We will make use of the "Add Current Tabs to Favorites" feature in Internet Explorer, plus a script I wrote which gets the Title and URL of internet shortcuts from a predefined folder. Assuming you have the tabs currently open, use these steps to get the title and URL of those tabs.

1. Click the Favorites menu, and click Add current tabs to favorites…

Note: If you’re still using Internet Explorer 7, click Favorites and select Add Tab Group to Favorites. (Thanks to MVP Robear Dyer for the note.)

2. Type Temp as the folder name, and press {ENTER}

The shortcuts are added to the Temp folder under the Favorites shell folder of your user profile.

Note: This assumes you don’t plan to use the folder for permanent storage of shortcuts. In other words, reserve the folder "Temp" exclusively for this purpose, because the script (referenced below) queries the title and URL each shortcut in the Favorites\Temp directory, and then empties the folder every time it’s run.

3. Next, download the script ie_title_url.vbs. Save it to a permanent location and run it. It should launch a text document, containing the title and URL of each tab page.


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  1. “We will make use of the “Add Current Tabs to Favorites” feature introduced in IE8…”

    …or the “Add Tab Group to Favorites” feature in good old IE7.

  2. I wanted to try this tip out but when I go to the “Favorites” drop down menu the “Add Current Tabs To Favorites” option is not highlighted and clickable. My explorer version is 8. Any suggestions??

  3. Is there a way to convert links in favorites files to similar format without having to open all the files? Better yet, is there a way to capture the date of the article as well, (and possible automatically sort them from most recent article to older articles) in similar way, without having to go through and sort them all out by date? Please advise. Thanks. David R.

  4. Is there a wayt to do grab Title, Date, and URL for all closed links in Favorites Files, then have them automatically sorted by date from most recent to oldest, without having to sort through all of them? If so, would be incredibly helpful.

  5. EXCELLENT work, will come in handy! I “Bookmark all tabs” in Firefox frequently, now I can do even more in IE — thanks!

  6. Sorry I have to post this here since it is related to your NoFindInsideZip utility, but the feedback link on that older page is broken.

    I run the NoFindInsideZip on my Windows XP SP3 system and it states I don’t have administrative privileges. But I am an admin. I can unregister the zipfldr.dll and cabview.dll files successfully manually.

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