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Generate Energy Usage Report Per App – Energy Estimation Engine (E3) Dump using PowerCfg.exe

Windows 10 tracks energy usage data per app/process, using the Energy Estimation Engine (E3) service for battery-powered devices. You can view the basic E3 data via the Battery settings page in Windows 10.

Detailed Energy Usage Report using E3 Dump

For a comprehensive report, a complete E3 dump can be generated using PowerCfg.exe in Windows 10. It uses System Resource Usage Monitor (SRUM) database as the source, where all the energy estimation details are kept. The following command-line, when run from a elevated Command Prompt, would dump the E3 data to a file named srumutil.csv in the current directory.

powercfg /srumutil

PowerCfg.exe /srumutil – Optional Arguments

Optionally, you can specify the output file name and file format (CSV or XML).


  Dumps entire SRUM DB for energy estimation provider in XML or CSV format

Parameter List:
  /OUTPUT      Specify the path and filename to store the SRUM data
                         in CSV or XML file.
  /XML                   Format the report file as XML.
  /CSV                   Format the report file as CSV.


The report (.CSV) can be opened using Excel where you can check the CPU energy usage, network energy usage (Millijoules) and other information on a per-application basis, not just modern (UWP) apps but also for classic desktop (Win32) programs.

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