How to Fix Errors 0x800F081F and 0x800F0831

When you try to install a cumulative update or a Feature on Demand component like .NET Framework 3.5, one of the following errors may occur:

Error 0x800F081F

Error 0x800f0831

Running the DISM command (“Dism.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /Restorehealth“) may not fix the problem in some cases; it might result in the same error.


The error codes 0x800F081F and 0x800f0831 mean the Component Store (WinSxS folder or the COMPONENTS registry hive) is corrupted.

  • 0x800f081f (CBS_E_SOURCE_MISSING) means source for package or file not found.
  • 0x800f0831 (CBS_E_STORE_CORRUPTION) means Store corruption, manifest missing for package.

The missing manifests are mentioned in the CBS logs located in the %Windir%\logs\CBS folder. Manually copying the manifest of a previous update package should help. But repairing Windows 10/11 is an easier option especially if many manifest files are missing.


The Component Store errors like 0x800f081f and 0x800f0831 can be fixed by doing a repair installation using Windows ISO.

Repair install Windows 10/11

First, download the Windows ISO using the Media Creation Tool (MCT). See these articles for more information:

After downloading the ISO, right-click on it and choose “Mount.”

mount iso right-click menu

Mounting the ISO assigns it a drive letter.

Mounted ISO drive letter

Run Setup.exe to start the in-place upgrade (a.k.a. repair installation.)

Will my files be safe during the repair installation?

Your files, settings, and app will be preserved during the repair installation. However, it is important to ensure that the Keep personal files and apps option is ticked (automatically selected) during setup.

windows 11 in-place upgrade - keep files option

Important: If you use a different language ISO or an ISO from an older build, the Keep personal files and apps option will not be available.

keep files and settings - grayed out - wrong iso

So, it’s essential to obtain the correct ISO for repair installation. The Media Creation Tool downloads the proper ISO for your system if you don’t uncheck the “Use the recommended options for this PC” option in MCT.

Continue the on-screen instructions and complete the repair installation.

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