How to Delete the System Restore Points in Windows 7

Running out of hard disk space even after clearing out the temporary folder and other junk files? You may consider lowering the disk space allotted to System Restore, or delete the System Restore snapshots which includes previous versions of files. Upgrading the hard disk is the ultimate solution though.

Cleaning up the System Protection points may sometimes be necessary during malware removal.

Deleting all System Protection Points

1. Click Start, right-click (My) Computer and click Properties

2. Click System protection link in the left pane

3. In the System Protection options, select a drive-letter and click Configure

4. Click Delete, and click Continue when prompted.

5. Click OK, OK.

Deleting all but the most recent System Protection point

1. Click Start, type Cleanmgr.exe and press ENTER

2. Select the drive-letter from the list and click OK

3. Click Clean up system files

This restarts Disk Cleanup to run in elevated mode.

4. Select the drive-letter from the list and click OK

5. Click the More Options tab

6. Click the Clean up… button under System Restore and Shadow Copies.

7. Click OK.

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  1. Edson
    said this on Wednesday, September 23rd 2015 11:43 pm

    Thank you, have just freed 9GB from my C disk

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