Fix Desktop.INI files in Special Folders using DesktopINIFix for Windows Vista

Desktop.ini a text file that allows you to specify how a file system folder will be viewed. Sometimes one of the shell folders (say, "Pictures") in your system may show a generic yellow colored icon instead of the special icon originally assigned to it. This happens if the Desktop.ini file in that folder is missing or has incorrect entries. This may also occur if the file has lost its read-only or hidden attribute.

For more information on Desktop.ini, see this MSDN article.

Here is a small utility DesktopINIFix that I wrote which fixes the desktop.ini file for various shell folders in Windows Vista.

Fig 1: DesktopINIFix for Windows Vista


Note: After fixing the Desktop.ini, you may have to logoff and login back (or restart explorer.exe shell) for the folder icons to refresh.


Shell folders are displayed with the standard folder icon in Windows Vista

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  1. I LOVE this tool!!! Manually replacing desktop.ini is not only a bother, sometimes it doesn’t work. I’ve tried fixing it like 50 times before I found this program. Previous attempts were successful though, but this just saves the hassle.



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