Add Run as Administrator Context Menu Item for VBS and JS files

By default, Windows does not include the Run as Administrator option in the context menu for Vbscript (.VBS) and JScript (.JS) files. So, to run a script elevated, you either need to launch the script from elevated Command Prompt window, or use the VBScript self-elevation method as described in article How to Automatically Elevate a Vbscript to Run it as Administrator?

Besides that you can add the Run as Administrator option to the context menu so that you can run a script elevated from the right-click menu.

Add “Run as Administrator” Context Menu option for VBScript and JScript files

Download script_runas.reg and save to Desktop. Right-click on the file and choose Merge. Click Yes when prompted.

This .reg file adds the runas command for VBSFile and JSFile ProgIDs. The registry keys are located here:


Now, when you right-click a VBScript or JavaScript file, you’ll have an option to run it as administrator.

add run as administrator context menu for vbs files

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