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[Windows 10] Sign-in Screen Appears Twice in Fall Creators Update

Ever since installing the Feature Update to Windows 10 version 1709 (aka Fall Creators Update), when you start the computer and log in (using a PIN, or password), the login screen may reappear, and you may need to log in again. Some users stated that this behavior occurred even when locking and unlocking the workstation.

Here is how to workaround the “double login” problem in Windows 10 until Microsoft releases a permanent solution.

Fix: Sign-in Twice On Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Workaround 1: Disable “Use my sign in info to automatically” setting

Workaround 2: Use Netplwiz.exe to setup automatic login

If the issue persists, refer another workaround below by a McAfee user. Essentially, he tells users to enable automatic login using Netplwiz.exe

After installing the 1709 upgrade on 2 machines [(1) Home & (1) Pro] I upgraded LifeSafe versions — both had older versions, plus I was concerned about the Windows version upgrade process removing or disabling parts of McAfee, as has been reported with other brands of security software [e.g. Kaspersky suing Microsoft]. I did not uninstall or remove LifeSafe prior to upgrading LifeSafe versions.

After upgrading LifeSafe, both PCs started requiring you to sign-in twice — hit spacebar, bringing up the screen to enter the PIN, enter the PIN, goes back to original screen, hit spacebar, enter PIN, & Windows 10 then starts.

The solution was to run Netplwiz — I right clicked the Start Button & selected Run, entering netplwiz — clearing the only checkbox [to require sign-in], which brought up another dialog to enter user name & password. Restarted, & this time had two user names or account on the sign-in screen — chose the regular, old one, entered the PIN, & Windows started. Ran Netplwiz again, checking the box this time, & restarted. Everything was back to normal.

Source: Win10 Fall Creators Update have to sign-in twice |McAfee Community

Note that the Netplwiz.exe method is exactly the same as control userpasswords2 auto-login method.

Workaround 3: Use Netplwiz.exe to setup automatic login and then disable it

Redditor /u/Hoffelcopter has a similar workaround — to enable automatic login and then disable it. Quoting him:

Same thing happened to me. I had to go to netplwiz from the windows run. Uncheck requiring a log in. Restart. Then recheck the box. Then restart again.
Don’t know if this a total fix. But at the minimum it’s a band aid over the issue.

And Microsoft is aware of this issue, and this has been reported in the Feedback tool. A permanent fix might release soon. In the meantime, hope one of the above workarounds helps some users.

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